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With offices in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon, our professional staff will assist you with:

  • Professional Consulting Services
  • Building Envelope Construction Inspections  
  • Moisture Intrusion and Building Envelope Issues 
  • Materials Failure Analysis and Investigation
  • Construction Claims and Litigation Support
  • Building Code Research & Analysis 
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Forensic Consulting
  • Construction Defect Investigation and Analysis
  • Property Damage Assessments

Professional Consulting Service

Our consulting offerings provide a flexible approach when you need answers, but aren't sure what the questions are yet.  Consulting can be an excellent first phase in a more complete analysis and implementation project.  It can also be a good preventative measure.  Our consultants can help you determine whether any further work is required. We will always give you honest and direct answers that you can understand and rely upon, and provide recommendations that make sense in the context of your business.


Envelope Inspection & Quality Assurance 

At CDC we understand that a good design has to be supported by site inspection efforts to assure a correct installation.  Our field inspectors will make periodic site inspections over the length of the project and work with the contractor personnel on the techniques and materials necessary to meet the design. 


Our extensive background as forensic investigators is a key qualification supporting our strength in building envelope design and inspection. CDC has witnessed and analyzed many of the mistakes made in the improper protection of building envelope systems, and as a result has learned how to avoid these problems for our clients. References available upon request.

  • Forensic Engineering & Site Investigations

Disputes often arise when material performance fails to meet its specified requirements, installation does not conform to industry standards or building code violations exist. In order for the client to make an intelligent business decision, complete, unbiased, technical facts must be thoroughly analyzed and adequately reported by knowledgeable professionals.

CDC's unique background as construction consultants allows us to provide evaluation services on a broad range of building types and construction materials. This comprehensive knowledge can often identify potential problems even before visual clues exist.


Forensic services include:

  • Field Investigations
  • Conditions Survey
  • Onsite Testing
  • Building Analysis
  • Codes and Standards Review
  • Maintenance Analysis
  • Repair / Maintenance Recommendations
  • Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Problems sometimes have to be resolved through litigation or arbitration. When that happens, you need to be armed with information, presented in a way that makes as much sense to attorneys as it does to engineers, architects and other construction or legal professionals. The facts are paramount - but how effectively you communicate those facts is important as well. Our staff includes the technical writers and researchers necessary to insure we can assemble and deliver a compelling, accurate report. Technology is an important tool, as well. Our partnerships with multimedia firms means we can present even more compelling models of data and observed conditions. Our goals in any dispute are clarity and accuracy. That lets your advocates work toward a resolution backed by solid, well-presented information.


Forensic Accounting

CDC provides complete and comprehensive forensic and investigative accounting services. We uncover the financial facts, help establish the correct calculations and determine business value.


Our professional staff is qualified to address crucial issues and support the legal industry in the following areas:

  • Exaggerated Insurance Claims
  • Business Income Loss
  • Inventory/Property Loss Claims
  • Loss of Income/Earnings
  • Elder Fraud
  • Asset & Income Searches
  • Shareholder/Stockholder/Partnership Disputes

(CDC) Hourly rates and fees starting January 21, 2014


Expert Testimony $300.00
Expert Senior Consultant $170.00
Expert Consultant $155.00
Forensic Accounting $150.00
Architect $135.00
Building Envelope Inspector $110.00
CAD/Drafting/Graphics $110.00
Clerical/Transcription $65.00


Reimbursable expenses plus 15%

  • Mileage @ $0.56 / mile (as of 1/1/2014 IRS mileage rate)
  • Travel expenses
  • Testing
  • Postage
  • Reproduction and printing
  • Photography - film and digital
  • Courier fees
  • Voice and fax long-distance

*Hourly rates are subject to change at the beginning of each new calendar year.


Contact Information

For more information, to schedule an appointment or to discuss your case or needs with one of our experts, please contact 503-274-9057.